"A Little Piece of Note for Leaving Girl"

Honey... that's how I always and will always call you
I hope this is not the last wish I ever said, hopefully not!

The time has rolled, gliding so fast
So untraceable that we could not even sense its smoothest move
On the unending path
Along which we have always been
Striding feet to feet
Measuring every inch of its unbinding tracks
Still trying to find the “very us”
So deep within
It’s not quite yet over until at last

No thickest blanket of night fog
Could ever cool you down to stay a little longer
No strongest chain of hands
Could ever retain your even stronger bond of firm will of leaving

But, what else to say
Is there uphead another way
In lines await for you to pick
So is for me
Nothing else could I say
But … so long my beautiful girl
Pleased to ever have such a “kind hearted and tender heart girl” as you
Please be so kind as to accept my apology
For all the wrong-doings and harmings
That I either consciously or unconsciously did to you
Along the journey of our togetherness
I’m so sorry to ever break you right in the heart

Now, I know
I could not hold you to not let go
Stride along new paths
Start up new days
Find out new ways
For a better future

One sure thing I want from you
Is “Don’t ever forget your left-someone”
I do really hope we’ll be friends now and forever
Even though we have no more special relationship
No matter how far we are …..

So long, honey …….
So long …….

Cikarang, 20 Mei 2012

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