The Power of Celebrity

Many people think that to be a famous person is nice. Everyone will recognize him/her as a powerful person. Then, many of them try hard to be famous. Some of them join modelling schools, take acting courses, and the like. They are tempted to be like their idols, the famous ones.

I just have visited one of the most famous website, CNN. There is an article entitled "What Angelina Jolie forgot to mention" written by H. Gilbert Welch. 

He says, 

"...One, from a research fellow at the International Agency for Research on Cancer, nicely summed up the general concern: 'I fear that this disclosure will motivate other women to undergo preventive mastectomy, even though they do not need it.'

As the day wore on, the story dominated the news. I didn't fully appreciate how much Ms. Jolie is admired and respected and had neglected to consider just how powerful a celebrity personal anecdote could be."

From the statement above we can see that no matter the idol does, he/she will influence people a lot. Angelina Jolie said about preventive masectomy. As one of the International Agency for Research on Cancer said that it is worried that many women will follow what Angeina Jolie did, doing a preventive masectome, even though they do not need it at all.

What Angelina Jolie did is only a sample case may be able to influence people do the same. There were more other cases, like committed to suicide that was inspired by their idols who did it. 

Threfore, it is our own responsibly to decide what is best for us, not rely on our idols. 

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