Does Dropping Tears Always Represent Sadness?

I thought I was the most suffering person in the world. It was when I was in the worst economic condition my wife kicked me out and left me behind for another rich guy. She could not help herself as to wait for my fighting for them. She was in a hurry to decide that I would not be able to feed them. She kicked me out. I dropped tears for months. I could not accept that situation. I was almost getting crazy. I have been like a crazy person for about two months. I never bathed for the period. Smoking and drinking coffee were my daily routines. Walking around the city without any destiny was my another activity.

An angel came into my life, my brother in a martial art organization, SH Terate, saved me from the condition. June 2011 was the early process of recovering my mind. And now, I realized that what I did was useless.

Moreover, after watching the movie starring by Will Smith, "The Pursuit of Happyness"  a real story picturized into a movie made me being aware of that there are more people get more suffering situation than me. 

Chris Gardner, a poor husband for Linda and father for Christopher, was only a bone scanner salesman. His wife, Linda worked for a laundry center. Both of them lived in big city with high living cost. They rented an appartment for their place of living. 

Chris ought to sell two scanners in order that they could cover the monthly renting cost of the appartment as well as for fulfilling their daily need. But, he, sometimes, could not achieve that amont of selling. 

It had been almost three months when Chris had not sell sufficient scanners as to earn enough income to cover their monthly living cost. Linda had to worked over as to fulfill the cost. Becuase of this, both of them got in quibbling on to each other almos daily. It is described in a conversation between Linda and Chris below:

"Just sell what's in your contract. Get us out of that business," said Linda angrily.

"Linda, that's what I am trying to do. This is what I'm trying to do for my family, for you and for Christopher," Chris argued.

"What's the matter with you?" asked Linda.

It was when Chris told Linda that he was about to apply for a job in a big stock brokerage company. Linda didn't care what business he would have, one thing she wanted to know wass the living cost of them was fulfilled. 

Since then, Linda decided to leave him. She could not help herself as to wait for Chris's fighting for his family, Linda and his only son, Christopher. 

After waiting for several hours while bringing such a heavy "time machine" Chris waited for Jay, one of the top executives of the brokerage company he was applying for. But, Jay said he had to wait until tonight.

At night, Jay called Chris that tomorrow he had to come to the office to attend an inerview. 

As Chris promised to the onwer of the appartment that he would painted the house, he then painted the house at night while suddenly two policemen came to arrest him. He was fined for parking his car in an unauthorized place. 

Arriving at the police station, the police officer told him that he had to verify the data tomorrow morning at 9.30 a.m. Therefore, he had to stay at the police station to wait for it. He argued that at 10.15 he had to attend an interview. It was not possible for him to attend with such a messy dress because he was arrested while he was painting his rented appartment. But, the police officed did not care about that. He had to stay at the office tonight.

The next morning, after signing the verification, he run toward the office with his messy dress. He told the top executives there the truth. He tried to convince them that he was suitable for the position offered, a stock brokerage. 

It was terrible finding himself expelled by the owner of the appartment. He and his only son lived anywhere their feet directed. They did not have a  certain place to stay. I found hard to feel that. Chris was really confused where to stay that night. They went to a railway station, sleeping at a toilet. Cried. He could not stop the tears dropping: for his fate and his son.

Yet, he never gave up in such a situation. He fought even harder. He sold the machines faster. He also learned hard to accomplish the internship he attended at the brokerage company.

In short, after experiencing so many heart-breaking processes, Chris could complete the internship. At the last day of the internship, Chris was asked to come to the executive panel. 

Mr. Frohm : Hi Chris 
Chris : M. Frohm, good to see you.
Mr. Frohm : Nice Shirt.
Chris : Thank you, Sir. 
Jay : Chris 
Chris : Hey Jay
Mr. Frohm : Chris, sit down, please.
Chris : I thought I'd wear a shirt today. You know being last day and all.
Mr. Frohm : Well, thank you. Thank you. We appreaciate that. But, wear one tomorrow though, Okay? Because tomorrow's going to be your first day if you'd like to work here as a broker. Would you like that Chris?
Chris : Yes, Sir.
Mr. Frohm : Good, we couldn't be happier. So, welcome. Was it as easy as it looked?
Chris : No, Sir. No, sir. It's wasn't.

Here, I thought Chris was about to express his happiness by screaming and saying "Yes!!! Thank you Sir!". Yet, he dropped tears. This was the way he expressed his happiness. This was the way he expressed gratitude. 

He said that this was the little part of his life called as "happiness".

Since then, he worked seriously and even harder than ever. In 1987, he owned his own brokerage company. And in 11 years later, he became a multi-milionaire brokerage company owner. 

The conclussion is: dropping tears does not always mean sadness. Besides, never give up how hard our life is. Let's pursuit what is called happiness. There will be always a gift for those fight for their own life.  

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